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Joseph Brennan Bakeries

Address: Greenhills, Industrial Estate, Walkinstown, Dublin 12.

Email: [email protected],ie

Tel: (01) 4608400

Fax: (01) 4514631

Website: www.brennansbread,ie

Management: Deputy Managing Director: Colm Brennan Commercial Director: Derek Beatty Head of Marketing: Ivan Hammond

Business Type: Bread Manufacturer.

Product Groups: Bread, Burgers, Buns and Rolls.

  • Be Good Sandwich Breads Sesame & Linseed
  • Be Good Sandwich Breads Wholemeal
  • Be Good White 800g
  • Brennans 100% Wholemeal 800g
  • Brennans 2 Sub Rolls Malted Grain
  • Brennans 2 Sub Rolls White
  • Brennans Bagels Cinnamon & Raisin
  • Brennans Bagels Multigrain
  • Brennans Bagels Plain
  • Brennans Bagels Poppy
  • Brennans Batch 800g
  • Brennans Be Good Wholemeal 800g
  • Brennans Brown & White in One Bite 400g
  • Brennans Brown & White in One Bite 800g
  • Brennans Bun-days
  • Brennans Family Pan 800g
  • Brennans Floury Baps
  • Brennans Granary Batch 550g
  • Brennans Half Batch 400g
  • Brennans Half Pan 400g
  • Brennans Half Sandwich Pan 400g
  • Brennans Hi-Fibre Batch 800g
  • Brennans Hi-Fibre with Wholegrains 350g
  • Brennans Hot Dog Rolls
  • Brennans Medium Catering Brown 1200g
  • Brennans Medium Catering White 1200g
  • Brennans Mega Bun-days
  • Brennans Multigrain 750g
  • Brennans Natural Recipes Farmhouse Soda
  • Brennans Sandwich Pan White 800g
  • Brennans Thick Catering Brown 1200g
  • Brennans Thick Catering White 1200g
  • Brennans Thick Malted Catering Pan 1200g
  • Brennans Thick Sandwich Pan 800g
  • Brennans WeightWatchers White 400g
  • Brennans WeightWatchers Wholemeal 400g
  • Brennans WeightWatchers Wholemeal Multiseed 400g
  • Brennans Wholegrain 800g
  • Brennans Wholegrain Half Pan 400g
  • Brennans Wholemeal Half Pan 400g
  • Chia Wholegrain 800g
  • Natural Recipes 7 Grain
  • Natural Recipes Multiseed
  • Natural Recipes Pumpkin and Poppy Seeds
  • Natural Recipes Soft Grain Sourdough
  • Natural Recipes Wheaten
  • Natural Recipes Wholewheat Soda