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BWG Group

Address: BWG Group, BWG House, Greenhills Road, Tallaght, Dublin 24, D24 Y722

Email: info@bwg.ie

Tel: (01) 409 0300

Website: www.bwg.ie


Group Chief Executive Leo Crawford

Group Finance Director John O’Donnell
Group Property Director John Clohisey

Group HR Director Peter Donohoe
Managing Director BWG Foods Willie O’Byrne Managing Director Wholesale Division John Moane
Managing Director EUROSPAR Malachy Hanberry MACE Sales Director Daniel O’Connell
SPAR Sales Director Colin Donnelly Londis Sales Director Conor Hayes
Key Accounts Director Alex Banahan Marketing and Communications Director Suzanne Weldon
Retail Development Director Declan Ralph Finance Director Aidan Keane
Trading Director Simon Marriott Logistics Director Joanne Mellon
IT Director Chris Donnelly
Trading Director Simon Marriott smarriott@bwg.ie (01) 4090367
Head of Ambient Trading Brian Daly bdaly@bwg.ie (01) 4090398
Head of Fresh Trading Jamie Tevlin jtevlin@bwg.ie (01) 4090307
Senior Trading Manager (Grocery and Pet Food) Barry McDonnell bmcdonnell@bwg.ie (01) 4090356
Senior Trading Manager (Tobacco/Bake Off/
Deli Supplies/Coffee Bar/Services/Pre-Pack Sandwiches) Aidan Lambe alambe@bwg.ie (01) 4090378
Trading Manager (Health and Beauty/Baby/Household) Orla Jones ojones@bwg.ie (01) 4090304
Trading Manager (Retail Minerals/Water/Snacks and Crisps) Jennifer Broderick jbroderick@bwg.ie (01) 4090335
Trading Manager (Retail Confectionery/Biscuits) Alan Crawford acrawford@bwg.ie (01) 4090345
Trading Manager (Frozen/Ice Cream/Cheese
/Breakfast Meats/Pre-Pack Cooked Meats) Derek McKeon derekmckeon@bwg.ie (01) 4090300
Trading Manager (Red Meat and Poultry/Fish/Deli Meats/Milk) Ciaran Finegan cfinegan@bwg.ie (01) 4249435
Trading Manager (Fruit and Veg/Flowers/Bagged/ Wet Salads) Joe Wogan jwogan@bwg.ie (01) 4090342
Trading Manager (Cakes/Chilled Juice/Dairy Spreads/Eggs/Non Food) Martin Kavanagh mkavanagh@bwg.ie (01) 4249467
Trading Manager (Bread/Yogurt/Chilled Convenience) Caitriona Corcoran ccorcoran@bwg.ie (01) 4090389
Head of National Distribution Centre Replenishment Noel McGivern nmcgivern@bwg.ie (01) 4090381
Head of Promotions Frances Higgins fhiggins@bwg.ie (01) 4090344
Head of Grey Trading Edel Flood eflood@bwg.ie (01) 4090322
Commercial Manager Alcohol Liam Nolan lnolan@bwg.ie (01) 4090315
Head of Innovation Food & Beverage Orla Jordan ojordan@bwg.ie (01) 4090300
Trading Manager (Total Foodservice) Karla Murray kmurray@bwg.ie (01) 4249436
Trading Manager (Foodservice – Ambient and Non Food) Bernadette McEntee bmcentee@bwg.ie (01) 4090311
Trading Manager (Foodservice – Chilled and Frozen) Samantha Freeman Broderick sfreemanbroderick@bwg.ie (01) 4090300
Contracts Manager (Foodservice) Catriona Keating ckeating@bwg.ie (01) 4090321

Company Info:

BWG Group is one of Ireland’s top companies and is a joint venture partnership between members of the BWG management team and South African based SPAR Group.
Part of BWG Group, BWG Foods is a leading retail and wholesale business. It owns and operates the SPAR, EUROSPAR, MACE, LONDIS and XL brands in the Republic of Ireland, working in partnership with independent retailers with 1,040 stores serving local communities right across the country.
The wholesale division of BWG Foods also includes BWG Foodservice and a nationwide network of 20 Value Centre cash and carry branches. As owners and operators of these leading retail and wholesale brands, retailers receive the benefit of years of retail expertise and support from BWG
tailored to meet the ethos of each brand and their individual needs.
BWG Foods has relationships with more than 650 suppliers, dealing directly with approximately 14,000 customers in the retail, foodservice and licensed sectors. Through its branded retail estate, BWG Foods and its retailers provide employment to over 22,000 people and serve in excess of one million customers every single day.