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GS1 Ireland offers sustainability programme

Posted on: 25 May 2022

Create an action plan for your business to reduce your energy consumption and carbon emissions, with the Lean & Green sustainability programme from GS1 Ireland.


FACED with advancing climate change, new regulations and possible financial penalties, companies around the world are tackling head-on the challenge of reducing their emissions in a verifiable manner. This is the aim of the Lean & Green Programme, which is available in Ireland through GS1.

Lean & Green is about creating a measured reduction in your carbon output, that is independently verified and recognised by industry partners. The 5 Star Programme is designed to meet the complex challenges of identifying, measuring and reducing your carbon emissions and costs, across transport, logistics and warehousing operations.

Developed by the Connekt Foundation in the Netherlands, Lean & Green is a notfor-profit programme designed to reduce the complexity associated with CO2 footprint reduction. The goal is to help organisations on the road to independently verified CO2 emissions reductions and to recognise and reward those reductions in a consistent and transparent way. Today, Lean & Green has brought together more than 600 companies and organisations in 15 countries from across Europe and Canada.

There are so many aspects to economic and environmental sustainability - from circular economy to plastic packaging; from food waste and food loss to zero waste; and from carbon emissions and carbon footprints to food miles - that it can be difficult to know where to start. Lean & Green will help you take that concrete first step.


Time to take action

The post-pandemic environment provides the ideal driver for change as businesses seek efficiencies to address spiralling transport and energy costs. 

The Lean & Green Programme supports subscribers to build an action plan and to have their achievements verified by an independent auditor. Each participant progresses through a 5-star recognition programme as their carbon emission reduction targets are met. Joining the programme through GS1 will help companies:

1. To create individual and actionable carbon reduction metrics for their business;

2. To analyse how and where the improvements can be made, with independently-verified roadmaps and reporting;

3. To recognise and celebrate their success with the 5 Star Lean & Green awards.


Focusing on transport and logistics

Lean and Green specifically focuses on addressing CO2 emission reductions in the areas of transport & logistics and warehousing, as well as air, rail and shipping freight operations. Participation is open to all supply chain stakeholders, from retailers and distributors to all categories of logistics provider. Irish distribution and logistics operators interested in finding out more about the programme can contact GS1 Ireland or register their details online at www.gs1ie.org/ lean-green.


Start with hot spots

Identifying ‘hot spots’ within the value chain where interventions have the greatest potential to improve the environmental and social impact is a crucial first step. GS1 Ireland is available to support businesses to define and measure their supply chain effectiveness and to work collaboratively to implement standards and solutions that reduce waste and consumption.


Your journey towards 0% CO2 emissions starts with joining Lean & Green

Join Lean & Green today and collaborate with other industry leaders to implement realworld solutions to reduce CO2 emissions by 20% within five years, to save operating costs and create a less wasteful, more sustainable future