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Meet the new pallet engineered to outperform wood

Posted on: 07 Dec 2021

One of your most common assets, wood pallets, may be causing problems in your supply chain. Do they break easily or take up unnecessary storage space, contributing to a system of constant repair and waste?

Introducing Tosca’s all-new NeRa pallet, Europe’s strongest heavy-duty, nestable, rackable pallet, engineered to out-perform wood. The benefits of NeRa include:

  • Stronger for fewer repair costs
  • Space-saving for lower transportation costs
  • Uniform in size and weight for less interruption and downtime
  • Cleaner/safer for reduced labour and injury
  • Sustainable for lower CO2 emissions

The nestable pallet enables 660 more pallets on return trips when compared to wood pallets. Its reinforced solid top deck features a 3,000kg static load capacity while the entire pallet only weights 18kg. Strong like a rackable pallet, but light like a nestable pallet, NeRa advantages stack up supply chain savings. Learn more at toscaltd.com/NeRa