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SPAR to introduce contactless donations for Make-A-Wish

Posted on: 13 Jul 2021

SPAR calls on public to embrace Strikepay technology for charitable giving, to safeguard the viability of critical charities

Official charity partnership extended for a third year


SPAR is currently trialling an innovative digital ‘Smart Poster’ collection solution in its nationwide estate of more than 400 stores that allows customers to donate to SPAR’s official charity partner Make-A-Wish Ireland via their mobile phones.

Since the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, many people don’t carry cash anymore, which has had a devastating effect on the charity sector with in-person donations at an all-time low. This is particularly significant for Make-A-Wish Ireland as the charity does not receive any government funding and is dependent on donations from the public and the support of partners like SPAR to continue granting wishes.

The new technology, Strikepay, is a portable personal payment tech designed to make paying convenient, safe and easy for all.

Using this contactless technology, customers in SPAR stores across Ireland can now simply tap their smart phones on the special posters and a web page is opened on their device. The customer can then choose to donate directly to Make-A-Wish using the Apple or Android Pay capability on their phone or input their debit/card details directly.

As part of this innovative initiative, SPAR will publicly campaign for people to openly embrace technology that facilitates cashless charitable giving, to safeguard the viability of critical charities across the country. As a result of reduced in person charitable giving due to the Covid-19, it is estimated that Irish charities could have lost out on as much as €500m over the last 15 months.

Susan O’Dwyer, Chief Executive of Make-A-Wish Ireland, said, “Covid-19 has had a significant impact on our wish-granting and fundraising activities. This has resulted in planned wishes having to be rescheduled and re-imagined and we currently have more than 200 seriously ill children waiting for their wishes to be granted. Now more than ever, these children need what Make-A-Wish can bring in the form of hope, strength, and joy. We are so grateful for the ongoing support of SPAR and by deploying this innovative Strike technology in their stores, hopefully the public will react positively and donate using the posters.”

The initiative is designed to make it easier for people to donate money to worthy causes such as Make-A-Wish, while instilling confidence in those who still feel uncomfortable about handling cash and donating via the traditional bucket or in-store collection boxes. It is the latest sign of how Ireland is moving towards becoming a ‘cashless’ society.

Commenting, Colin Donnelly, SPAR Sales Director said, “Over the last 15 months we have seen a big decline in the number of people carrying cash in our stores and this has impacted the charity sector particularly badly. As SPAR’s official Charity partner, we are passionate about supporting the Make-A-Wish mission and are delighted to trial this innovative technology in our stores, which is a great example of how technology is playing a role in helping society one tap at a time. Helping make these sick children’s wishes come true is a way to give them hope and strength for their individual journeys and SPAR is proud to play whatever part we can.”   

Oli Cavanagh, Co-Founder Strikepay closed by saying: “We’re thrilled to be part of this fantastic initiative and to see Strikepay being used in the way that it was intended - to solve a pressing issue for people and organisations that have been unintentionally impacted by our increasingly cashless society. Covid has really accelerated the move away from cash transactions, which in turn is having a devastating impact on charities across Ireland that are dependent on the generosity of individuals as a vital revenue stream. Through this trial with SPAR and Make-A-Wish, Strikepay’s innovative and simple solution is being used to help future proof fundraising. By providing an easy-to-use technological solution Make-A-Wish can continue to harness the spontaneous and ad hoc donations that Irish people are known for and as a result, the fantastic work done by the charity can continue for all the many children and families that it supports.”